Detroit Lakes
Wetland Management District

Contacting the Office: Contact:
26624 N. Tower Road Rick Julian (District Manager)
Detroit Lakes ,MN 56501-7959 Jason Barker (Assistant Manager)
Phone: (218) 847-4431
Fax: (218) 847-4156  

The District office is located 2 miles north of Detroit Lakes, MN, via Hwy 59,
then 1-1/2 miles east on Tower Road.

District Facts

  • Established: 1968
  • Waterfowl Production Areas: 165 units - 40,089 acres
  • Wetland Easements: 313 easements - 11,326 wetland acres
  • Satellite station: Rydell National Wildlife Refuge, Polk County, 2,210 acres
  • Counties in District: Becker, Clay, Mahnomen, Norman, and Polk

Natural History

  • Landscape dotted with thousands of small wetlands or "prairie potholes," and many lakes created by glaciers
  • Prior to settlement, this area was a paradise for waterfowl, prairie chickens, whooping cranes, bison, wolves, and other prairie wildlife
  • Agriculture changes to the landscape included the loss of most native prairie and the drainage of over 50 percent of the small wetlands
  • The area remains a critical waterfowl production and migration area

Financial Impact of Office

  • 15,600 visitors annually

FWS Home Page

FWS Region 3 Home Page

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1 Federal Drive
BHW Federal Building
Fort Snelling, MN 55111
Great Lakes-Big Rivers Region
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

District Objectives

  • Acquire, develop and manage habitat for waterfowl production
  • Provide habitat for native plants and animals, especially prairie songbirds
  • Assist private landowners with restoration of wetlands and grasslands
  • Provide wildlife-dependent recreation and education

Management Tools

  • Water level management
  • Acquisition from willing sellers
  • Wetland and grassland restoration
  • Prescribed burning
  • Private lands agreements

Public Use Opportunities

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